UNCONDITIONAL Eternal Security and the Theory of the TWO ASPECTS of Sin Forgiveness




I am sincerely glad to have made your scholarly acquaintance such that we may humbly reason together regarding this sensitive but critical Biblical dilemma. 

To this end, if you will be so kind as to briefly permit me a patient audience I will happily address my former petition of theological concern.  

You have earnestly suggested a methodology of resolve to what I have implied as your seemingly apparent Biblical contradiction, respective of 1 Jn. 1:9 and Matt 6:15, 18:35, et. al., and the aforementioned theology of UNCONDITIONAL Eternal Security, that you suggest would appear to disappear in the full illuminating presence of objective analytical thought and contextual Scriptural analysis.  

Therefore, you propose the supposition that the forgiveness of ‘a’ said FUTURE Sin is appropriated and imputed by Yahweh subject to and constructed of TWO individually SEPARATE instruments of forgiveness applications. (emphasis added) 

The 'forgiveness' you have referred to in a verse like 1 John 1:9 is not the same as the initial forgiveness that happens at the point of initial conversion and justification. 1 John 1:9 deals with paternal/fellowship forgiveness (ongoing), whereas 1 John 2:12 deals with judicial/legal forgiveness (initial). Nothing can break the link of fellowship, but sin in the
believer's life can mar the enjoyment of it.

 As such, you support the notion that ‘a’ one and self-same exact FUTURE Sin is forgiven by God respective of TWO parts/phases/aspects, etc., and these are described as follows: 

1.)  Legal/Judicial part/phase/aspect Future Sin forgiveness at the initial justification (new birth) – the Judicial/Legal ‘figurative’ FUTURE Sin forgiven BEFORE the Sin is ever actually and literally committed

2.)  Paternal part/phase/aspect Future Sin forgiveness subsequent to the new birth – the Paternal/Fellowship ‘literal’ FUTURE Sin forgiven AFTER the Sin is actually committed subsequent to the new birth

With this in mind, it must be noted that at the moment of the initial justification (new birth) experience the subsequent ‘literal’ FUTURE PATERNAL/FELLOWSHIP Sin part/phase/aspect, you have suggested, has never been actually and literally committed by the believer as of yet – this will occur at some later point in the living FUTURE of the newly born believer.  Thus, in accordance with 1 Jn. 1:9, Matt. 6:15, et. al., and your suggested resolve this particular aspect/part of the literal FUTURE PATERNAL/FELLOWSHIP Sin has NEVER been confessed, nor requested of God to be forgiven, and therefore has NEVER yet been forgiven – at the present moment of the new birth.  

Meanwhile, this same PATERNAL/FELLOWSHIP forgiveness aspect/half/part, etc., of the subsequent FUTURE Sin is NOT a NEW Sin at all - but rather only the 2nd half/part of the one and self-same exact original Sin, of which you insist that the 1st Judicial/Legal half/part was already forgiven at the initial justification-new birth experience.  

To this end, by default you have made your TWO suggested instruments of ‘a’ FUTURE Sin forgiveness ‘mutually exclusive’ and therefore their forgiveness(es) CANNOT occur simultaneously - or if you will at the same time.  Per your theory, the Judicial/Legal forgiveness of the FUTURE half/aspect of ‘a’ said singular Sin must take place at the new birth experience BEFORE the Sin is literally committed, while the Paternal/Fellowship forgiveness half/aspect of the subsequent new birth self-same exact Sin must take place AFTER this said Sin is literally committed at some later and distant point in the believer’s life. 

Therefore, the honest conclusive analysis of your hypothesis is this, ‘a’ singular Sin CANNOT be deemed as completely forgiven until BOTH parts/halves/aspects, etc., are fully and completely forgiven – and these two forgiveness(es) of ‘a’ said same exact Sin are completely separate events at two completely separate moments in time.   

Thus, ½ Judicial/Legal figurative FUTURE Sin forgiveness + ½ Paternal/Fellowship literal FUTURE Sin forgiveness = 1 Totally and Completely forgiven FUTURE Sin, but NOT until...  

As such, this stands and supports the reasonable argument.  Thus, I hereby Scripturally ask – does God really forgive ‘a’ one and self-same exact Sin TWICE (Judicial/Legal A - Paternal/Fellowship B) or does He only PARTIALLY forgive ‘a’ one and self-same exact Sin – forgiveness in two phases (Judicial/Legal A - Paternal/Fellowship B)? 

Moreover, the very definition of the theology of Eternal Security DEMANDS that a 100% Forgiveness (absolute) for ALL FUTURE Sin(s) must be appropriated and imputed at the time of the initial justification – new birth experience, and therefore that said absolute FUTURE Sin appropriated forgiveness CANNOT occur at different intervals.  Hence, the flawed concept of the subsequent and FUTURE PATERNAL/FELLOWSHIP Sin forgiveness.  

In summary, the preponderance of Scriptural evidence does not support your notion and theological thesis of a Legal-Judicial/Paternal-Fellowship Sin forgiveness. 

Therefore, I humbly ask you once again -  are the ‘potentially’ UNCONFESSED and UNFORGIVEN FUTURE Sins of 1 Jn. 1:9 and Matt 6:15, 18:35, et. al., INCLUDED in the Eternal Security PERFECT (100%) Future Sins FORGIVENESS package (past/present/FUTURE) - suggested to be FORGIVEN at INITIAL JUSTIFICATION (the New Birth)?   

YES or NO please? 

Matthew 6:15 (KJV)
15 But
if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.